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(ad)Web Tools & Internet Domain Free Auction: Visit NOW ! beast_0.4.1-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED blackened_1.8.1-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED blackened_1.8.1-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED Bug#139453: Hmm Bug#152164: marked as done (ooqstart-gnome: ooqstart-gnome does not work with logins from two displays at once) Bug#155902: marked as done (default OO dir should be specified) Bug#157795: marked as done (gstalker: stray cvs directory) Bug#158360: mail2nikki.el does not work with wl-beta Bug#160498: marked as done (ooqstart-gnome: Support for Gnome 2) Bug#161565: marked as done (Package not installable in unstable) Bug#164328: marked as done (beast_0.4.1-3(powerpc/unstable): tries to increase priority in build and fails) Bug#174591: marked as done (sted2: New upstream version 20021104 was uploaded.) Bug#176070: marked as forwarded (svgalibg1: contains non-PIC shared library) Bug#177431: marked as done (wrong assumption on char signedness) Bug#177436: marked as done (wrong assumption on char signedness) Bug#177574: marked as done (python-tal: Should conflict with python2.1-tal (<= 1.5.0)) Bug#179389: marked as done (tux-aqfh: not installable in sid) Bug#179389: tux-aqfh: not installable in sid Bug#179547: marked as done (xsiag: A new upstream version - 3.5.5 is available) Bug#179547: xsiag: A new upstream version - 3.5.5 is available Bug#179754: aspell-pt: depends on libaspell10 instead of libaspell15 Bug#179754: marked as done (aspell-pt: depends on libaspell10 instead of libaspell15) Bug#180663: libcomprex_0.3.2-5(mips/unstable): out of date build-depends Bug#180663: marked as done (libcomprex_0.3.2-5(mips/unstable): out of date build-depends) Re: Bug#180714: libglu1-mesa: Fail to install Bug#180966: filemenu-applet 0.5-2 depends on libpanel-applet0 (>= (NOT AVAILABLE) Bug#180970: chpp 0.3.5-3 depends on libgc6 Bug#180970: marked as done (chpp 0.3.5-3 depends on libgc6) Bug#181039: 'apt-get install libtse3-dev' fails on sid Bug#181187: libcomprex_0.3.2-6(mipsel/unstable): configure built from broken libtool.m4 Bug#181422: gadfly should produce python2.1 and python2.2 packages Bug#181555: libqt3-emb-dev: qmake install error (bad symlink) Bug#181970: psptools: psplpr make some images disappear Bug#181971: psptools: psplpr loops with --dontincfeatures option Bug#181973: psplpr: useless argument parsing (-x) Bug#182129: freeamp: feature request for freeamp that doesn't ask to install the extras Bug#182157: marked as done (wrong assumption on char signedness) Bug#182157: wrong assumption on char signedness Bug#182423: magpie: /usr/doc obsolete ; etc. Bug#182474: KDE/unstable Bug#182546: larswm: Focus goes crazy with Gtk2 applications Bug#182767: magpie: parsing errors Bug#182814: kdelibs3-crypto: Set OpenSSL libs path fails in Konqueror (reproduces #117300) Bug#59173: marked as done (Segfault on compressed example files) chpp_0.3.5-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED 你的朋友向您推荐一个音乐站点 gcdb_1.1.5-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED gphone_0.5.2-6_i386.changes ACCEPTED 未承諾広告※お金・融資・限度額は・・・ isync_0.8-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED libcdparanoia0-dev and xclass-dev conflict over /usr/include/utils.h libcomprex_0.3.2-6_i386.changes ACCEPTED libkpathsea3 incompatibility problem magpie_0.5-7_i386.changes ACCEPTED manpages-nl_0.13.3-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED manpages-ru_0.7-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED picturebook_0.0pre3-6_i386.changes ACCEPTED Processed: Already forwarded Processed: changing email addresses Processed: Not installable is RC Processed: severity of 179547 is wishlist Processed: your mail python-tal_1.5.0-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED siag_3.5.5-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED spicctrl_1.5-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED sted2_2.07m+20021104-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED tse3_0.2.5-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED tux-aqfh_1.0.14-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED tya_1.8-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED UK phone numbers connected FREE to numbers in New Zealand! xdigger_1.0.10-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED You too increase your electronic components business The last update was on 17:50 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 74 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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