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Bug#182423: magpie: /usr/doc obsolete ; etc.

>> "J" == Javier wrote:

    J> On Tue, Feb 25, 2003 at 06:32:41AM -0500, Matt Swift wrote:
    >> Package: magpie
    >> Version: 0.5-6
    >> Severity: normal
    >> Magpie is a useful package, but it needs a bit of adjustment.
    >> (1) /usr/doc is obsolete, replaced by /usr/share/doc.  Script below
    >> frobs the results into good form.

    J> 	I've fixed this in the source code. I'm adding your script to the
    J> contrib/ dir anyway (with slight changes mainly describing what it is). I'm
    J> assuming a GPL license. Right?
No, it's too small to worry about.  I hereby put it in the public
domain, and I would prefer not having my email address in it (my name
is OK if you want to), so that I don't get questions about it.

    >> (3) dox say it will take a long time to run; it takes less than a
    >> minute with numerous keywords on a Debian system with many
    >> packages, a PIII-800 with lots of memory.
    J> 	What's dox? I don't understand this phrase.

I'm sorry.  "Dox" is short for "docs" or "documentation."  I mean that
the documentation says that magpie takes a long time to execute, but
that in my experience, with the hardware described, which is not
extraordinary, it does not take very long at all.  Maybe when the
documentation was written, a PIII-800 was extremely fast, but today I
think it is average.

    >> (4) no option to generate uncompressed html.  The space saved is not

    J> 	It would be great if you separated this feature requests in
    J> different bug reports making them easier to track. In any case I've added
    J> your script to the examples/ dir.

You're right.  I will do that.

    J> 	Notice that magpie does not have support for options at all, so
    J> adding this option cannot be done inmediately.

    J> 	Also note that I plan on orphaning this package since I no longer
    J> have time to take care of it, I'm sending a new release fixing some bugs
    J> and that will be it.

Thank you for doing it until now.  I find the package helpful.

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