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Re: Conflict escalation and discipline

Lars Wirzenius writes ("Re: Conflict escalation and discipline"):
> "Debian emotional support group", maybe.

I find this suggestion very surprising, possibly even insulting.  At
the very least I need to be much clearer.

> But maybe wait with the naming until there's a clear description of
> what the group is reponsible for.

This group would:

 * Receive reports of bad behaviour on the part of Debian
   contributors, in whatever forum or venue including in person.

   Bad behaviour includes but is not limited to: harassment; exceeding
   any form of authority (eg, package hijack); persistent or severe
   rudeness; blocking others' work without reasonable justification
   and adequate communication.

 * Handle matters in private (except in very exceptional cases).

 * Where appropriate, facilitate, mediate and/or conciliate, in the
   hope that the problem can be resolved by better communication.

 * Where appropriate, make judgements about the behaviour of relevant
   parties, and express those judgements to the parties in the hope of
   influencing them.

 * Where appropriate, recommend action to: DAM, TC, listmaster, IRC
   operators, DPL.  Information about the situation would be provided
   by the disputes team to the gatekeeper team; but the gatekeeper
   team would not be expected to make its own enquiries and would
   normally be expected to follow the recommendation.

 * Write and publish guidelines for how to behave, how to complain,
   and write down its own processes.

 * Resolution might include simply informal discussions and
   reconciliation.  It might involve formal apologies, usually private
   but perhaps public.  It might involve preventative measures
   (intended to limit the damage done); punative disciplinary measures
   (intended to deter); and exclusionary disciplinary measures
   (intended to remove a problem from the community or part of it).
   It might involve a formal transfer of one or more forms of
   authority held by some of the disputants.

 * The new group would have a foundational document which would
   explicitly give it authority to do all of the above.

 * All of the above is without prejudice to the continuing rights of
   listmaster and other forum operators to take action when they think
   it appropriate.

 * Where the dispute includes a technical question about the behaviour
   of software, the dispute team would firstly try to get people to be
   able to discuss it constructively.  If that failed to produce
   agreement, the disputes team would say who was the person whose
   decision it was.

   If the other side wish they may refer the technical question to the
   TC.  The behaviour of the participants during the TC conversdation
   would be monitored by the disputes group and if necessary the
   disputes group would be able to have the discussion suspended or
   some participant(s) blocked.


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