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Re: Conflict escalation and discipline

Ian Jackson - 18.04.18, 18:17:
> Lars Wirzenius writes ("Re: Conflict escalation and discipline"):
> > "Debian emotional support group", maybe.
> I find this suggestion very surprising, possibly even insulting.  At
> the very least I need to be much clearer.
> > But maybe wait with the naming until there's a clear description of
> > what the group is reponsible for.
> This group would:
>  * Receive reports of bad behaviour on the part of Debian
>    contributors, in whatever forum or venue including in person.

general comment: Your suggestions go way beyond of what I think is 

>  * Resolution might include simply informal discussions and
>    reconciliation.  It might involve formal apologies, usually private
> but perhaps public.  It might involve preventative measures (intended
> to limit the damage done); punative disciplinary measures (intended
> to deter); and exclusionary disciplinary measures (intended to remove
> a problem from the community or part of it). It might involve a

Did I get this right that you think that a person can be a problem that 
possibly would have to be removed from the project?

If so I heavily disagree with that.

I think its crucial to make a clear distinction between the behavior of 
a person and the person him/herself. In discussions on mailing list as 
well as for any team that deals with mediation and emotional support 
(without the notion that emotional support for a person means something 
bad or negative about the person who receives the support).

> formal transfer of one or more forms of authority held by some of the
> disputants.

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