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Re: Conflict escalation and discipline

Ian Jackson dijo [Tue, Apr 17, 2018 at 01:39:07PM +0100]:
> We desperately need:

FSVO desperate. I agree we need it, but based on the project's current
level of discussions, I don't think it's a "desperate" situation.

>  * Somewhere people can escalate a dispute involving ill-feeling,
>    that isn't debian-devel[0] or the DPL[1].
>  * An effective, reliable and unified[2] disciplinary mechanism that
>    (i) promotes healing, apology and reconciliation where that is
>    feasible (ii) failing that, limits the damage done by difficult
>    people (iii) when inappropriate behaviour appears in public is able
>    to authoritatively declare and demonstrate that it is not how we do
>    things here.

Thing is, I believe we have several bodies / mechanisms that partially
cover the case. You mention in your footnotes a body that makes
recommendations that would be followed by DAM, TC or whoever.

It depends on the case at hand, but I'd say this is covered by the TC,
DAM, the anti-harassment team, the DPL (who is not burdened by this as
a single individual but as one of the potential points of contact),
specific teams that cover the different aspects of the project (say,
the ftpmasters, or the DebConf committee, or whatnot).

I believe the problem that sparked your message are the recent threads
(in d-devel, in d-private) that show conflict between Debian
contributors. However, part of the problem might be they are threads
started off... Mails. We could have said to any of those, "please
shut up here, solve your interaction issue by talking with ______" -
But the threads have already started. People would keep replying to
them even if mediation was "abducted" to a specialized group.

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