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Re: Conflict escalation and discipline

Hey, I have not been able to contribute properly to this thread so far,
for personal issues, but I would like to leave my 5¢.

On 18/04/18 12:49, Ian Jackson wrote:

> 6. You mention `anti-harassment' as a `lever of power" but of course
>    anti-harassment have no inherent authority.
> IMO the antiharassment team's members would be a good starting point
> for the members of my proposed new structure.  But the new structure
> needs to relate entirely differently to our existing institutions.

Since a few days ago, I am part of that team. I can say that I have been
thinking for a long while about a-h and its (lack of) powers, although I
still don't know what would be best for the future.

I believe that a-h is the natural starting point for dealing with these
issues. Currently, it can only give recommendations, but it is not void;
and I think it will be natural that the liaison with DAM, mailing list
operators, etc will only get stronger with time.

> I wonder if I should propose a GR.  That would provide a way of
> testing whether my ideas (which do seem controversial) are more widely
> held, and also if the GR passes, give clear legitimacy to the new
> team.

Dunno if we are at the point where a GR would be useful yet.

Martín Ferrari (Tincho)

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