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Re: Public request that action be taken at whoever abused their technical power to remove me from the kernel team at alioth.

On Tue, May 29, 2007 at 09:05:59PM +0200, Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> On 11034 March 1977, Sven Luther wrote:
> >> >   14:27:44 < Ganneff> svenl: would you *ever* consider something as
> >> >   "valid way out" thats not 100% what you want, ie "you all admit you
> >> >   have been wrong"?
> >> > How funny, since This is exactly the discourse that Anthyony Towns,
> >> > Frans Pop and Raphael Hertzof held to me : "you must first admit that
> >> > everything is your fault".
> >> That summary is not what I said in the quote above.
> > Care to elaborate ? It is pretty similar.
> Simple, as written above:
> Would you ever consider something as a valid way out if that way out
> does not include a full "drop suspension, give back d-i rights, full
> apology from Debian for whatever it did in the past to hurt you"?

Ok, please read : 

  Message-ID: <20070529103814.GB31809@powerlinux.fr>

and then we can discuss. Also note, that i did stopped asking for d-i
rights over 6 months ago, if not more, and have told this numerous
times, including to you ? 

> >> > Show me a sign, and i will jump on it, and we will all be back to
> >> > happily coding, but upto now, all my tentatives of going another way
> >> > have been cruel deceptions, and the trust i had in debian has been
> >> > wronged, and i have seen no real sign of anybody searching a resolution.
> >> 
> >> The sign was big, really. It was a "take a *long* break, come back then"
> > No, the sign was that i was the sole one to blame in this mess, while
> > the responsabilities are shared. In the context of it, it was putting
> > all the responsability on me, and totally absolving the other party in
> > this. This is not fully your fault, since there was no global handling
> > of the situation, but still there was no sign, only punishment.
> Right, I was putting the blame only on you. Sure thats why I had a
> paragraph like the following in the decision.
> --8<------------------------schnipp------------------------->8---
> Yes, its not only Sven's fault that we got here. He is part of it,
> probably the largest part, but many others involved in this whole story
> did their own work in getting us to the point we are now. But right now,
> in this procedure, we had to decide about Sven, not about anyone
> else.
> --8<------------------------schnapp------------------------->8---

The fact remain, also, i asked that the more general solution be
examined, did you even care to reply to that mail ? Did you even show
you received it ? No.

Furthermore, just look at the amount of quotes against me, compared to
the ones in favour of me, and then ask yourself if you had been fair in
the handling. When you took all that days to compile this list of FUD
and caloumny, did you ever stop to think what effect it would have on me ?

So, i ask you again, why can we not have the whole issue solved ? Why
did you hide the dates of the expulsion procedure ? I want a fair
hairing. I want that debian dotes itself of a body capable of handling
such social issues in a fair and honourable way, composed of people who
can be trusted to be honest and fair, and who have a clue about social
and psychological dealings. I recognize that neither you nor James are
especially suited for these taks, i may be wrong about this, you will
tell me, but this is not the impression i get from you in the handling
of this issue. You may be full of good will, and the partial issue you
where handled didn't help much.

Still, one fact remains, i strongly believe that :

  Debian cannot expulse or suspend someone for writing a lot of mails to
  mailing lists.

Care to bring up a GR about this (i would, but i am suspended, and
coming from me, people will just knee jerk and make sure i am silenced,
so ...).

There is a void in the debian constitution about the social problems, a
void which leaved debian open to the worse escalation and impression of
full dealing, corruption and what else. Notice i say impression, but i
fear that more often than not impression is enough to do extreme hurt.

So, will you help clean up debian, and make sure something like what
happened never happens again ? 

Sad that it all had to go this way, sad you DAMs chose not to handle
this at FOSDEM, in RL, sad that Debian devotes so much time and energy
in order to not solve its social problems, blindly hoping the problem
will go away. And i was told that i am far from being the only social
problem currently in debian. Won't we work to change that ? 


Sven Luther

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