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Re: Public request that action be taken at whoever abused their technical power to remove me from the kernel team at alioth.

On Mon, May 28, 2007 at 11:05:00PM +0200, Sam Hocevar wrote:
> On Sun, May 27, 2007, Sven Luther wrote:
> > I am now making this request to you as DPL, that you investigate who was
> > behind this action, and find out why it was done, and that it be
> > publicly addressed.
>    Sven, first of all, please restrict your postings to debian-project,
> ideally to specific threads as I already suggested some time ago. It is
> awfully complicated to follow what it is exactly you are requesting, and
> you are annoying everyone.
>    If you do not stop spamming the lists I will support any proposal to
> remove you from the lists before even looking at your requests, because
> listening to you while you keep being a nuisance would make me look like
> a supporter of spam, trolls and general chaos and I certainly don't want
> to be associated with such things.

Sam, ...

If you propose me a real schedule, and a way to solve this mess, then i
will stop all mails about this topic. Upto now, i have not seen any will
to do anything but maintain the status-quo, and i went to you privately
a few weeks ago.

I have made various proposals in the other thread, since the begining of
this mess i made various reasonable proposals, starting from the first
which involved only d-i :

  - i am given the svn commit access back, and will use it to work
    silently about those areas nobody else is working on and which
    interest me (prep and apus support on powerpc).

  - i refrain from posting on debian-boot.

(well, from memory, but this was the gist of it).

Then i made the wiki page, on advice from folk on #debian-devel i asked
for help, and so on.

The solution to the current mess is easy enough, and starts by a few
facts :

  - we are in what can only be called a personal dispute between me and
    a few other DDs. It is a personal dispute, which happened because
    Frans felt i didn't respect him enough, and (ab)used his technical
    power instead of trying to speak to me.

  - i made numerous attempts at conciliation, am generally a nice guy,
    and want this solved.

  - the other party, who has so many reproaches, some of them even
    true, has never tried speaking to me, and has rejected any apertures
    or conciliation attempts i proposed, but instead used the system to
    get their way.

  - the many previous dealings had a feel of secrecy, of shady
    dealings, of FUD and lobbying, which is not helpful to solve this
    issue. Furthermore, for whatever reason it tried to solve the issue
    by brute force instead of discussion.

  - two proposals to solve this in RL, where ignored.

I guess there is little doubt about these facts, but if someone
contests, i would be happy to have actual discussion about them, instead
of people chosing to ignore them, and go into a caloumny and provocation
campaign against me to hide the truth on it.

Now, what can be done ? A true mediation (i know that it is not possible
between frans and me, at this time, despite my many efforts, but there
is a mediation needed between me and debian here), will clearly list
what is reproached to each other, hear each others claims, and work on
that to reach an acceptable middle range.

My claims :

  - Debian has handled this issue unfairly, and has acted in a way that
    was partly responsible for this mess.

  - Debian has resorted to shady dealings, and dealt unjustified (and
    plain stupid) punishment, who only served to worsen the issue.

  - Assorted folk have used caloumny and lies, plain FUD if you prefer,
    to discredit me, because they knew their position would be untenable

  - The current expulsion process is evil, it calls for a FUD and
    caloumny campaign, and leaves two persons (the DAMs) sole
    responsible, which is hardly fair to them, since they are neither
    formed nor experimented in this kind of issues.

My responsability :

  - I admit that the d-i team don't want to deal with me, too bad for
    debian and them.

  - Once this issue is finally solved, it will no more be a problem, and
    i will not mention it again. 

  - I present my sincerest apologies for all the innocent bystanders,
    but for all those who would critic me, i welcome any insight of how
    this could have been dealt with otherwise, i know i did not find
    any, despite asking for counsel on #debian-devel and otherwise.

There are more we could say, but we can go into this once there is a
will on Debian's part to actually do the right thing, instead of going
the way of oppression and menace, which is the way apparently chosen

So, please, show courage, honestity and fairness, and let's try for a
resolution of this issue which will all make us proud, instead of what
we have seen upto now.


Sven Luther

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