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Re: Public request that action be taken at whoever abused their technical power to remove me from the kernel team at alioth.

On Tue, May 29, 2007 at 05:50:51PM +0200, Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> On 11034 March 1977, Sven Luther wrote:
> > As an example of why this is a mess :
> >   14:27:44 < Ganneff> svenl: would you *ever* consider something as
> >   "valid way out" thats not 100% what you want, ie "you all admit you
> >   have been wrong"?
> > How funny, since This is exactly the discourse that Anthyony Towns,
> > Frans Pop and Raphael Hertzof held to me : "you must first admit that
> > everything is your fault".
> That summary is not what I said in the quote above.

Care to elaborate ? It is pretty similar.

> > Show me a sign, and i will jump on it, and we will all be back to
> > happily coding, but upto now, all my tentatives of going another way
> > have been cruel deceptions, and the trust i had in debian has been
> > wronged, and i have seen no real sign of anybody searching a resolution.
> The sign was big, really. It was a "take a *long* break, come back then"

No, the sign was that i was the sole one to blame in this mess, while
the responsabilities are shared. In the context of it, it was putting
all the responsability on me, and totally absolving the other party in
this. This is not fully your fault, since there was no global handling
of the situation, but still there was no sign, only punishment.

> sign. Its not the sign you like, so you consider it "bad", "unhonest",
> $whatever.

No. what i consider dishonest, is that you didn't provide the dates and
the full mails of the expulsion requests. That you didn't respect your
own procedure, that you dismissed the 70:7 opinion of the DDs who where
strongly against the expulsion as if it was nothing.

Please, Joerg, tell me what reason there was on February 7 or whatever
it was that justified the expulsion request ? On the day after my DPL
candidacy ? Find me a single reason at that time that justifies it.

Furthermore, you knew i would be at FOSDEM, James Troup was there too,
why was not something RL arranged then ? 

> You can have another sign if you want, but I bet you also dont like it,
> its from one of those nasty guys that only want to destroy Debian and
> not give you all what you want...

Exact. All i want. All i want is to be treated fairly, and that the part
of responsability of everyone involved in this mess is clearly laid out.
Is this so much to ask ? Why should you humor frans when he can't be
happy with me in debian, and should i not ask for fair handling ? 

> The sign would read similar to "if you manage to have such a long break
> as suggested and then come back, *without* rehashing all those old

Well, it is not possible, because *I WAS NOT THE ONLY RESPONSIBLE FOR
THE WHOLE MESS*, as long as that is not clarified, and a basis for a
long term healing be found, then it will not be solved. And especially,
it will not be solved by the long litany of FUD and Caloumny you listed,
without even investigating the trutfulness of it. How could you ever
expect that any sound human being would react in a positive way to it ? 

> arguments in endless threads again and again - people would actually
> listen to what you (may) have to say. They would work together with
> you." You know, people tend to forget old stuff, thats human (and thats
> good). But if you continue to fight you wont ever get your involvement
> in Debian back to a stage you enjoy it again. Sad, and for sure not what
> you want to read, but thats it.

You are wrong, if there is no basis of healing, then old stuff festers,
and cause deep psychic trauma. And that is what is happening here.

I know you took it upon yourself to be sole (or among the two sole)
judge on this, and i don't think that you really grasped the impact of
your decision. Sam said i have no empathy, but this is false. I
recognize how many react in this, and i feel sorry for them, me and us
that the current situation is unavoidable, but go ask around people with
psychological or sociological analysis, and you will see the effect of
your 'sign'.

Sad that things turned out, and sad to see how much energy everyone is
taking just to make sure this never gets solved.

Sad indeed,

Sven Luther

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