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Re: Debian UK


* Philip Hands (phil@hands.com) [050907 12:09]:
> On reflection, I think we should ensure that the wording makes it clear
> that one has to express an interest in membership in order to be considered
> a member.  I'll start a thread to that effect back on the debian-uk list.

I know a local organisation here where all people that are "default
members" can become member with expressing that interest or taking part
in the organisation (like voting), and the quorums are made so that it
doesn't matter how many members there are - i.e. you can just start a
vote at the "right place", and everyone who votes is member. (And same
for leaving the organization - their membership expires by itself.)

Of course, there are much more ways to do it right, and it's not my task
to decide which to take :)


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