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Re: Bits from the ftpmasters

MJ Ray wrote:
DDs want know about ftpmasters, but ftpmasters don't send
much to debian-devel-announce: it seems like mostly after stuff
breaks. DDs don't know how to make them want to do anything,
so that leaves three obvious options:
 1. use democractic processes to fix this;
 2. make their lives hell until they talk or quit;
 3. telepathy.

You know, I would've thought "ask nicely" would've appeared on that list somewhere. Apparently not.

And no, no matter how many "pleases" you say, or how much sugar you add on top, you can't make it "asking nicely" when you begin by dissing someone. This thread is _utterly_ dead as far as that goes.

But mostly the problem is the whole concept of "making them do what I want". It's just not appropriate, however you try to obscure it with "wanting". If no one wants to do what you want them to do, you're out of luck -- you get to do it yourself and prove them all wrong, either within Debian if that's possible, or outside of it if it's not.

(Well, I guess for completeness, I should mention "pay them" as the obvious fifth option.)


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