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Re: Bits from the ftpmasters

martin f krafft wrote:
Then I wrote an email, which, I give you that, was below the
waisteline, but look at the effect: every constructive post
following my initial message came from people wondering what
ftpmasters are and what they are doing.

So, what, exactly did those posts "construct"?

Certainly there've been unrelated constructive posts on -devel regarding monitoring of the NEW queue; and I must admit I find it fairly disappointing that having a conversation about how widely various things should be publicised seems implausible, due to the way people -- like yourself -- just fly off the handle any chance they get on these topics.

I mean, what, do you really think /I'm/ averse to tediously long emails or heated debates? What the hell lists have you been on? Can you possibly conceive there might perhaps be some other explanation for why I'm not writing tediously long emails or involved in heated debates about what changes to the archive should or shouldn't happen?

You, vorlon, and HE,
however, have nothing better to do than to save yourself by
complaining how insulting I am and how much we all suck and so on.

Why not assume that I am simply socially incompetent, be confident
about it and ignore my bashing, but rather address the points raised
by others, instead of sticking your head in the sand and complaining
that we are all too offensive?

Because I've done that in the past, and all it results is people saying "ah, well, being insulting at worst has no drawbacks, and at best prods those idiots into some action; let's be insulting more often".

For that matter, I'd be interested to see where Joey or others started out by calling you a member of a cabal, implied you thought you were above everyone else, and otherwise acted like a retard. But hey, just because people are polite to you doesn't mean you should return the favour right -- after all, different rules apply to "mere mortals", no?


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