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Re: Bits from the ftpmasters

aj wrote:
> You know, I would've thought "ask nicely" would've appeared on that list
> somewhere. Apparently not.

Would that work? It's not my experience that emailing ftpmasters
gets any reaction. Talking to other DDs suggests that's not
unusual and that's why I didn't think of "ask nicely". Can
you see why?

To be fair, I've not asked you in particular.

> And no, no matter how many "pleases" you say, or how much sugar you add
> on top, you can't make it "asking nicely" when you begin by dissing
> someone. This thread is _utterly_ dead as far as that goes.

This is another part of the problem.  DDs are a diverse
community, in writing style and cursing frequency, amongst
other ways. There's not really a strong "diplomacy test" in
the NM process.  If ftpmasters are going to sulk every time
someone criticises them, they're really damaging.

I wouldn't have chosen to start this discussion here, but what
practical difference does it make whether it's now, or left a

> But mostly the problem is the whole concept of "making them do what I
> want". It's just not appropriate, however you try to obscure it with
> "wanting". If no one wants to do what you want them to do, you're out of
> luck -- you get to do it yourself and prove them all wrong, either
> within Debian if that's possible, or outside of it if it's not.

Yes, that's a problem. If telling other volunteers what they're
doing isn't part of ftpmasters' task, it's a problem. I'd be quite
happy to do it myself, but if current ftpmasters aren't explaining
anything to anyone, it requires sacking ftpmasters or forking
debian. It sucks if ftpmasters' approach is "we can be as rough as
we like as long as it's below forking friction." What if you
misjudge where fork point is?

I think the root problem is "how do ftpmasters work?" and it's
one that the current DPL included in his last election platform.
Now we're starting another election round and nothing seems
to have changed for ftpmasters. Have ftpmasters discussed
this with this DPL?

> (Well, I guess for completeness, I should mention "pay them" as the
> obvious fifth option.)

It wasn't obvious to me. What prices are the ftpmasters asking
for what actions?


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