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Take APT 0.6 discussion public! (was: Bits from the DAMs)

also sprach martin f krafft <madduck@debian.org> [2005.02.15.1101 +0100]:
> > I'd rather have this discussion on debian-devel or debian-dpkg
> > since that's a logical place where more people are able to get
> > involved and find the archive much easier than a strangely named
> > list on the mad duck site.
> Mh, as you wish... sorry for trying to be productive. I'll remove
> the list. Should Florian decide on a separate discussion forum,
> then lists.alioth.debian.org it should be.

Reflecting on this, you are (of course) right, Joey. We should
always try to remain as open as possible and not segregate into
groups and thus make it harder for people to stay on top of

Obviously, for reasons unknown to the mere mortals, the above only
applies to topics of the mere mortals of Debian, not to certain
members of the cabal. Some vital components of the Debian project
are better kept away from the public, or they could be flooded with
opinions or suggestions for improvement, or even <gasp> help
(ftpmasters, are you listening?). Such parts of the Debian project
should be handled (if at all) in the cellar, far away from public
view. And thou shalt not ever report to the outside, so that the
broad public gets the impression that, in fact, you do not exist.

Yay for public development. Let's keep discussion about APT 0.6
visible to everyone! Sorry for creating the list in the first place.

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