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Re: Bits from the ftpmasters

aj wrote:
> If you want other people to do things for you in Debian, you need them
> to want to do it, you can't just go around trying to make life
> unpleasant for them if they don't.

OK. What would make ftpmasters want to tell the rest of the
project anything more about their work?

I know some limits of volunteering. One of those limits is
balancing wants of different volunteers. In my experience,
the best approach is to have a shot at reconciliation, then get
the disagreers apart. There's a nasty problem here if you won't
ever agree: ftpmasters can affect all other active developers.

DDs want know about ftpmasters, but ftpmasters don't send
much to debian-devel-announce: it seems like mostly after stuff
breaks. DDs don't know how to make them want to do anything,
so that leaves three obvious options:

 1. use democractic processes to fix this;
 2. make their lives hell until they talk or quit;
 3. telepathy.

I don't like option 2. Option 1 could make it happen
anyway. Option 3 is beyond most of us - if anyone can help,
please do what I'm thinking. No, not goats.

If ftpmasters say X would make us want to send/help send "Bits
from ftpmasters" to d-d-a periodically, then it gets pretty
easy to put out the flamers.  This is all predictable and easy
for ftpmasters to help avoid, isn't it?

I wrote "debian-devel-annoy" first. M-x doctor, where are you?
- I'm also off to take my own advice. Ahem. Thanks, debian.

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