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Re: Bits from the ftpmasters

So, I'm pretty much just pointlessly repeating things I've already said at this point (who would've thought? participating in public discussion on a Debian list being an utterly pointless endeavour? astounding), so I can't see much point continuing; but I figure this first section could at least be made explicit.

martin f krafft wrote:
also sprach Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au> [2005.02.17.1307 +0100]:
Can you possibly conceive there might perhaps be some other
explanation for why I'm not writing tediously long emails or
involved in heated debates about what changes to the archive
should or shouldn't happen?
Sure I can; which is why I wanted to discuss APT 0.6 outside of the
"hostile environment"

Which wouldn't be unreasonable, except that then you say:

>>For that matter, I'd be interested to see where Joey or others started
>>out by calling you a member of a cabal,
> To my knowledge, noone did.

...which seems to indicate there wasn't a hostile environment in the first place. Can you really not see the difference between "Hey, it'd be better to discuss this in public." and "Sure, it's good for me to discuss things in public, but not those shadowy cabal guys who never have to obey any rules that mere mortals do and just do whatever they want, right? (are you listening ftpmaster)"

Be pro-active then! Don't wait for the insults. Send information
before they come in.

Dude, the insults come in no matter what -- even people discussing completely unrelated things like APT 0.6 will just gratuitously throw them in. That's precisely the problem. There hasn't been a break between in the insult threads for years now, they've merely get adjourned for a week or two or change topic or venue.

I find it somewhat disturbing that the cabal even exists.

The reason you think a cabal exists is that you're disturbed -- it doesn't. It's a _joke_, ffs.

Stop taking this personal, for $DEITY's sake, aj.

Then stop making baseless accusations about my worth to the project or respect of its ideals or participation in some secret subversive masonic society or whatever you're coming up with next.

There are people
who want information from you, and those people have a right to this
information because it is *our* project, not yours.

You have absolutely no right to demand /anything/ of me, /at all/. What you get from me is precisely that which I choose to give; and when you're actively insulting me, that's absolutely nothing.

How about fixing the problem at the root, rather than fighting



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