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Accepted cupsys 1.1.23-11 (i386 source all) Accepted gs-gpl 8.15-1 (powerpc all source) Accepted gs-gpl 8.15-2 (powerpc all source) Accepted hplip 0.9.4-1 (source all i386) Accepted ijs 0.35-2 (powerpc source) Bug#136012: marked as done (lprng: /etc/cron.daily/lprng should run silently) Bug#142361: marked as done (messages are not removed from print queue) Bug#145514: marked as done (lprng: Removing active job problem) Bug#157309: Status ? Bug#159632: marked as done (lprng 3.8.15-1 is causing flaky printing) Bug#168158: marked as done ([lprng] serious queueing problem) Bug#190251: marked as done (file 'hfA441', age 45.00 hours > 24.00 hours maximum (removing)) Bug#243905: marked as done (lprng slow without 'if', 'master-filter' unusable) Bug#250616: marked as done (lprng 3.8.26-1 (unstable) translate_incoming_format broken) Bug#259256: marked as done (lprng: Control file is not generated any more, but passed to accounting filters) Bug#280352: marked as done (gs-gpl 8.15 is available) Bug#291373: CVE assignment Bug#291934: lprng: Remote jobs never print and lpc lpq stops working Bug#293890: marked as done (libgimpprint1: Wishlist item: Is it possible to provide gimp-print v5.0.0-beta2 in Experimental) Bug#293927: marked as done (Can't print more than once from serial port in 2.6 kernel) Bug#293927: More information about lprng bug Bug#298379: lprng: memory leak back Bug#298379: marked as done (lprng: memory leak back) Bug#309399: marked as done (cupsys: fails to print) Bug#310152: marked as done (INTL:vi) Bug#310535: marked as done (Cups server gets started by logrotate even when disabled) Bug#312683: marked as done (cupsys: want status option for init script) Bug#313025: gs-esp: FTBFS: stp patch (libgimpprint1-dev will be removed shortly) Bug#313026: marked as done (FTBFS: gs-gpl: FTBFS: stp patch (libgimpprint1-dev will be removed shortly)) Bug#314090: marked as done (gimp-print: [INTL:de] German PO file corrections) Bug#314135: marked as done (cupsys: [INTL:de] German PO file corrections) Bug#317905: cupsys: move ppds.dat if you want write in it Bug#317905: marked as done (cupsys: move ppds.dat if you want write in it) Bug#318391: lprng cron messages Bug#318823: fixed Bug#318908: Acknowledgement (hplip: scanimage gives sane_start: Device busy) Bug#318908: hplip: scanimage gives sane_start: Device busy Bug#318911: ijsgimpprint: depends on wrong replacement Bug#318911: marked as done (ijsgimpprint: depends on wrong replacement) Bug#319093: cupsys: printers sometimes stop working after upgrade (ppds not refreshed) Bug#319109: cupsys-driver-gutenprint: syntax error on local ppd file Bug#319109: marked as done (cupsys-driver-gutenprint: syntax error on local ppd file) Bug#319284: foomatic-db-gutenprint: Unable to read printer database Bug#319416: marked as done (/usr/bin/ijsgutenprint is a dangling symlink) Bug#319416: /usr/bin/ijsgutenprint is a dangling symlink Bug#319571: cupsys-client: lpadmin manual page ambiguous language "Provides" Bug#319602: cupsys: cupsd does not start anymore as of version 1.1.23-11 Bug#320158: cupsys: /etc/cups/cups.conf is rewritten by KDE and Gnome print managers - and it's a config file Bug#320158: cupsys: What else would you expect to happen? Bug#320196: /usr/lib/cups/filter/foomatic-rip: No such file or directory Bug#320279: hpiod segfault Bug#320279: marked as done (hpiod segfault) Bug#320281: hpiod segfault Bug#320281: marked as done (hpiod segfault) Bug#320470: Cups does not print to a serial printer Bug#320470: marked as done (Cups does not print to a serial printer) Bug#320651: hplip: no manpage for hpiod Bug#320661: provide symlink in the libcupsys2-gnutls10 package CONFIRM 27ce4c065ac7a4c7aeec4cf66f8562f6 CONFIRM 2f45a3b6f9518d4f3b8f14dde6c3530b CONFIRM 4079bc09b4aa6a7cf34ca41e3b88626f CONFIRM 4b1b842dc9937829873a311d04538f52 CONFIRM 81a49248ecc07e05c79de88bb99068a5 CONFIRM d75297ec0c6770a3bc48845486d7e542 CONFIRM e5e20ed8df4ed800d268b0ad45f171b1 CONFIRM f71f8dc927fc805cf11494a3b05d764c The debian-printing list has been created Does this list have to be pts-subscribed? gs-esp package too old? gutenprint_4.3.99+cvs20050715-1_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED gutenprint_4.3.99+cvs20050715-2_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED gutenprint_4.3.99+cvs20050715-3_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED gutenprint_4.3.99+cvs20050715-3_powerpc.changes UNACCEPT gutenprint_4.3.99+cvs20050715-4_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED gutenprint_4.3.99+cvs20050715-4_powerpc.changes is NEW gutenprint_4.3.99+cvs20050715-4_powerpc.changes UNACCEPT Gutenprint entering unstable gutenprint override disparity hplip override disparity ijs_0.35-2_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED Incomplete upload found in Debian upload queue Mailarchiv... Re: New gimp-print packages in experimental Processed: Fixed in upload of gutenprint 4.3.99+cvs20050702-1 to experimental Processed: Gutenprint package renaming Processed: Merge duplicate report Processed: More information about lprng bug Processed: Prep for removal of libgimpprint1-dev Processed: Re: Bug#298379: lprng: memory leak back Processing of gutenprint_4.3.99+cvs20050715-1_powerpc.changes Processing of gutenprint_4.3.99+cvs20050715-2_powerpc.changes Processing of gutenprint_4.3.99+cvs20050715-3_powerpc.changes Processing of gutenprint_4.3.99+cvs20050715-4_powerpc.changes Processing of ijs_0.35-2_powerpc.changes Test list Re: Web subscription for cupsys package Re: Web subscription for foomatic package Re: Web subscription for gimp-print package Re: Web subscription for gs-esp package Re: Web subscription for gs-gpl package Re: Web subscription for hpijs package Re: Web subscription for ijs package Re: Web subscription for lprng package The last update was on 20:29 GMT Sun Aug 16. 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