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gs-esp package too old?

Does anybody know why the Debian's gs-esp package is
stuck at version 7.07, which if I'm not mistaken is
over two years old?

I've managed to build and install into /usr/local the
latest ESP GhostScript (8.15 from svn), which has
support for many newer printers, including my Epson
AcuLaser 1900 color laserprinter.

What I'm missing from my present setup is cups
integration. ATM I must print to file and invoke
GhostScript manually since cups and the foomatic
filters lack the necessary support provided by the
latest ESP GhostScript drivers.

$ gs -sDEVICE=alc1900 -sOutputFile=/dev/usb/lp0
-dNOPAUSE -dBATCH print.ps

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