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Does this list have to be pts-subscribed?


I thought this would be a discussion list for printing issues - does it have 
to be subscribed to the PTS of the packages?

(I'm not involved, so don't take this as a request - more like a Severity: 
wishlist or less thing to test the air on this idea.  If the maintainers 
think it's a good thing, ok, I'll just leave.  I'm just vaguely interested, 
and if it were more a discussion list I'd have followed.)

I mean: I like to have PTS messages in their own folders for the pacakges 
I'm interested in, maybe others do this, too, so they wouldn't be necessary 

-- vbi

"La realta' e' cio' che, quando smetti di crederci, non va via."
		-- Philip K. Dick

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