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Re: Audio CD's on a Pismo (was Re: XFree4 on Pismo - kernel 2.4)

"Nelson Abramson" <pogtal@erols.com> writes:

> You can have xmms use a different output plugin for each user...
> Obviously you can only use one audio output plugin at a time...  Try
> setting the output plugin to OSS as non root and see if that clears
> it up... Although unless you apply Ian's DMAsound patch you won't be
> able to play anything but mp3s via OSS (AFAICT)...

See my previous email, about it suddenly working for no good reason.

The only patch I have is Dan's mixer patch, but both esd and OSS work

> Maybe you have something else trying to use esd at the same time?
> Are you running gaim with sounds on?  What about your panel, does it
> have sounds turned on?  When I was running xmms with OSS and my
> panel had sounds through esd the entire panel would freeze until a
> song change so it could play its sounds....

Sorry, don't know what gaim is and I'm not sure what panel you mean.


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