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Re: XFree4 on Pismo - kernel 2.4

On Sat, Apr 14, 2001 at 05:41:17PM -0800, Ethan Benson wrote:
> On Sat, Apr 14, 2001 at 06:45:40PM -0700, Jason E. Stewart wrote:
> > "Steven Hanley" <sjh@svana.org> writes:
> > 
> > > As for sound, you just want the sound enabvled with the AWACS (mac sound)
> > > driver enabled. I have it compiled in not as a module (I dont know if it
> > > works as a module or not) and have no problems with sound, I can play any
> > > sort of sound with no skips or problems at any time. 
> > 
> > OK. I've discovered that the skips and pops only happen if I am an
> > unpriveleged user. If I'm root, everthing plays fine....
> that makes no sense, are you a member of group audio?  

 Makes no sense to me, either.  Maybe he's got extra stuff running when he
is logged in as an unpriviledged user.  Jason: do you have two xterms, one
with a root shell and one with a user shell, and you're running the same
program with the same arguments from either one?  Or are you doing a whole
login as root or as user?  If you are logging in differently, then maybe
something else is doing something while you're playing your sound.

 Or, maybe when you run as root your MP3 player sets its niceness negative,
so it gets higher scheduler priority.  That would help get rid of skips on a
machine just barely fast enough to decode MP3s.

> if not i can't imagine how it would play at all...  unless maybe you
> were fiddling with permissions and only changed some of the devices maybe.

 That still shouldn't make it skip, I don't think.  You can do everything
with just /dev/dsp and IOCTLs.  (you adjust the volume in a different place,
but not touching it wouldn't cause skips!)

#define X(x,y) x##y
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