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Re: Audio CD's on a Pismo (was Re: XFree4 on Pismo - kernel 2.4)

"Nelson Abramson" <pogtal@erols.com> writes:

> "Jason E. Stewart" wrote:
> > I use enlightenment, so I'm using Eterms, but yes I have two Eters,
> > one I've su'ed to root, and the other I'm just plain old me. As me, I
> > can use the volume control on xmms and it works, but playing MP3's
> > sounds bad. As root, the volume control is useless, but playing the
> > same MP3's sounds fine.
> Sounds like maybe you're using esd for unprivilleged and OSS for root. (OSS does
> not have volume control while esd does) Perhaps esd is having issues?  Or try
> using OSS as the output plugin for unprivilleged...

Sorry, I'm lost. Am I able to change the output plugin for playing
MP3's independant of the output plugin for CD audio? I thought only
one output plugin was possible at any time. 

> > Trying to play audio CD's directly with xmms doesn't work as either
> > root or me. Using the AudioCD Reader plugin with the OSS backend
> > sounds like white noise. Using the eSound backend things play at half
> > speed and pop.
> What version of esd are you running?  And the version of AudioCD Reader?

~/mp3/krishna_das/one_track_heart $ dpkg -l xmms-cdread
ii  xmms-cdread    0.11b-1        Input plugin for XMMS that reads audio data 

~/mp3/krishna_das/one_track_heart $ dpkg -l esound
ii  esound         0.2.22-3       Enlightened Sound Daemon - Support binaries

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