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Audio CD's on a Pismo (was Re: XFree4 on Pismo - kernel 2.4)

"Peter Cordes" <peter@llama.nslug.ns.ca> writes:

>  Makes no sense to me, either.  Maybe he's got extra stuff running when he
> is logged in as an unpriviledged user.  Jason: do you have two xterms, one
> with a root shell and one with a user shell, and you're running the same
> program with the same arguments from either one?  Or are you doing a whole
> login as root or as user?  If you are logging in differently, then maybe
> something else is doing something while you're playing your sound.

I use enlightenment, so I'm using Eterms, but yes I have two Eters,
one I've su'ed to root, and the other I'm just plain old me. As me, I
can use the volume control on xmms and it works, but playing MP3's
sounds bad. As root, the volume control is useless, but playing the
same MP3's sounds fine. 

Trying to play audio CD's directly with xmms doesn't work as either
root or me. Using the AudioCD Reader plugin with the OSS backend
sounds like white noise. Using the eSound backend things play at half
speed and pop.

>  Or, maybe when you run as root your MP3 player sets its niceness negative,
> so it gets higher scheduler priority.  That would help get rid of skips on a
> machine just barely fast enough to decode MP3s.

Not an issue on the Pismo. I can rip and encode MP3's while playing an
MP3 at full speed.

I'm baffled as well.


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