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Re: XFree4 on Pismo - kernel 2.4

Hmm, I have both modem and sound working perfectly on my pismo under a
recentish benh kernel

For the modem you need the macserial module (or compiled in which will give
you a device for the modem and one for the ir port) once htis is loaded you
can use the modem on ttyS0 or whatever.

There is the thing ben mentioned about needing to wait a bit for it to power
up or some such, I needed to put the init string ATX1 in all my programs
that needed to dial with the modem.

As for sound, you just want the sound enabvled with the AWACS (mac sound)
driver enabled. I have it compiled in not as a module (I dont know if it
works as a module or not) and have no problems with sound, I can play any
sort of sound with no skips or problems at any time. 

Heck it is better than the sound on my x86 desktop with an ancient sb16, the
sb16 driver in oss seems to have a bug which causes lock up form time to
time when in use on SMP, I usually use ALSA on my desktop, but that wont
work currently (PNP problems, my card is not PNP, alsa doesnt like working
with non PNP cards when there is a header inthe kernel source that talks
about PNP, and I couldnt be bothered getting it working again last time I
upgraded my kernel, oh well, this is irellevant to this list so ignore it.

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