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Re: [ CVE-2016-1238: Important unsafe module load path flaw] Re: Bug#838310: keyboard-configuration: user configuration lost + error message from setupcon Bug#839534: ITP: libio-async-loop-mojo-perl -- Perl module to use IO::Async with Mojolicious Re: Bug#839905: Bug#840293: pkg-kde-tools: pkgkde-symbolshelper broken by perl 5.24 Bug#840127: jessie-pu: package libio-socket-ssl-perl/2.002-2+deb8u2 Bug#840427: ITP: rt-extension-sla -- Service Level Agreements for RT Re: Bug#840799: RFS: libcbitcoin-perl/0.2-1 Bug#841076: perl: running enc2xs -C on (de-)installation of Encode::* packages Bug#841122: ITP: libgeo-constants-perl -- standard constants used by Geo perl packages Bug#841125: ITP: libgeo-functions-perl -- standard functions for Geo perl modules Bug#841127: ITP: libgeo-ellipsoids-perl -- standard Geo:: ellipsoid a, b, f and 1/f values Bug#841130: ITP: libgeo-inverse-perl -- module to calculate geographic distance from a lat & lon pair Bug#841462: jessie-pu: package libdatetime-timezone-perl/1:1.75-2+2016h Bug#841523: ITP: libdancer2-plugin-passphrase-perl -- passphrases and passwords as objects for Dancer2 Bug#841718: ITP: libsah-schemas-rinci-perl -- Sah schemas for Rinci Bug#841742: ITP: libwww-form-urlencoded-perl -- parser and builder for application/x-www-form-urlencoded format Bug#841743: ITP: libhttp-multipartparser-perl -- HTTP multipart MIME parser Bug#841745: ITP: libhttp-entity-parser-perl -- PSGI compliant HTTP Entity Parser Bug#842275: ITP: libstatistics-welford-perl -- Standard statistics using Welford's algorithm Bug#842392: libmailtools-perl: Please package new upstream version (2.18) Bug#842516: ITP: libtest2-asyncsubtest-perl -- module for asynchronous subtests Bug#842518: ITP: libtest2-workflow-perl -- module structuring tests using composable units Bug#842519: ITP: libwww-form-urlencoded-xs-perl -- XS implementation of application/x-www-form-urlencoded parser/builder Bug#842736: RFP: libjira-rest-perl -- Perl module implementing a thin wrapper around JIRA's REST API Bug#842750: ITP: libjira-rest-perl -- thin wrapper around JIRA's REST API LHF report (was: Low-hanging fruits reminder for 2016-10-21, 19:00 UTC (tomorrow)) Low-hanging fruits reminder for 2016-10-21, 19:00 UTC Low-hanging fruits reminder for 2016-10-21, 19:00 UTC (tomorrow) Re: Perl MIDI::ALSA module Debian Linux package Re: Removal candidates, 2016 edition Request for help checking quality on new Perl package Request to join pkg-perl RFS: libcbitcoin-perl/0.2-1 Versioning depends or shared-lib style for a perl module The last update was on 08:28 GMT Wed Jun 05. There are 51 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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