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Re: Low-hanging fruits reminder for 2016-10-21, 19:00 UTC (tomorrow)

On Fri, 21 Oct 2016 09:24:58 +0100, Nick Morrott wrote:

> > Our next Low-Hanging Fruit Session[1] on IRC is tomorrow:
> > 2016-10-21, 19:00 UTC, #debian-perl @ irc.debian.org (A.K.A. OFTC)
> I'm recovering from a sickness bug :(

I hope you get well soon!
> 3 new dependencies for DateTime are now in unstable. If there are
> DateTime dists that should be updated ASAP because of imminent DST
> changeovers please don't wait for me to get to them in the next few
> days.

I've updated libdatetime-timezone-perl yesterday to olson db 2016h
with a good old quilt patch, so there's no immediate hurry to update
the whole DateTime stack to their new dependencies. But we should try
to get to this change in the next weeks, I guess.


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