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Request for help checking quality on new Perl package


My name is Joel and I have been developing a Perl library, along with a
corresponding C library, as a pair of Debian packages.  I would like to
see if I can get these packages in some shape or form into the Debian
main repos.  As this is my first attempt at such an endeavor, I am
seeking out someone who could help me do a quality check on the packages
I have.

The code is available at:
   * https://github.com/favioflamingo/picocoin - C library and a
prerequisite for the Perl modules
   * https://github.com/favioflamingo/libcbitcoin-perl - the Perl modules

As a side note, https://github.com/favioflamingo/picocoin is based off
of https://github.com/jgarzik/picocoin.

The Perl modules are designed to let Perl programmers interact with the
Bitcoin peer to peer network.  The Perl package includes code for an SPV
(thin client) that can be run from the command line.

I would appreciate any help in finding out what I need to fix, beef up,
or, perhaps, glaring holes I have missed.

Best regards,

Joel De Jesus

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