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Re: Versioning depends or shared-lib style for a perl module

* Ian Jackson <ijackson@chiark.greenend.org.uk> [161014 16:06]:
> I have a package (dgit) which generates two binary packages (dgit and
> dgit-infastructure) both of which need a shared Dgit.pm Perl module.
> It's a native package.  I'm not sure if I want to promise that the
> Perl module has a very stable API.  I appear to have accidentally
> destabilised the API in my work-in-progress branch.

> Clearly I have done this wrong :-).  I'd like some advice about which
> is the "right" direction.

> 2. Arrange to ship a separate copy of Debian/Dgit.pm (and a small
>    ancillary module) in a separate path in dgit-infrastructure.deb and
>    modify PERLLIB in the scripts in that .deb to use it.  The total
>    duplicated code would be 10kby or so.

This would be the closest mirror of the 'C world', where you would
have a private, static library that is linked into the executable.

Personally (knowing very little about perl), I would go for this option.


christian hofstaedtler <zeha@debian.org>

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