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Re:%20Possible licensing problem of otherslibs/num Accepted advi 1.4.0-4 (i386 source) Accepted extlib 1.0b-3 (powerpc source) Accepted findlib 0.9-2 (powerpc source) Accepted ocaml 3.07.2a-2 (i386 source all) Accepted ulex 0.3-1 (powerpc source) bibtex2html_1.65-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED Bignum standalone package. Bug#198802: marked as done (Support for national encoding in bibtex2html) Bug#218310: bibtex2html: doesn't properly quote '&' Bug#218310: marked as done (bibtex2html: doesn't properly quote '&') Re: Fwd: Cryptokit port to Numerix Re:Leading edge science Rappel pour les abonnements aux listes sur Meeting tomorrow in Paris? ocaml-nums ready and uploaded, we have bignum support again. opkg-buildpackage and ocaml 3.07.2a : Ralf, can you have a look at it ? opkg-buildpackage vs. svn-buildpackage packaging of calendar Processed: pend Processing of bibtex2html_1.65-2_i386.changes Some bignum speed tests using Cryptokit The last update was on 12:23 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 66 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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