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Bignum standalone package.

Hello everyone.

Well, it seem people are needing a nat/bignum implementation finally.

I have sucessfully isolated the old non-free bignum from the rest of
ocaml stuff, this would need a new ocaml upload which installs
config/Makefile somewhere (`ocamlc -where`/config/Makefile seems the
natural place to put it).

That said, building a new package for it, and putting it in non-free is
by no way sure to work, since i don't really know if the licence is
enough free to even go into non-free. I have written debian-legal about
it though, should have cced d-o-m too, but forgot.

Anyway, a copy of the standalone bignum can be found at : 


Not yet packaged though.

Now, about the free solution, i see two solutions :

  1) make a standalone version and upload it to the archive (or
  experimental even).

  2) upload a cvs snapshot of ocaml to experimental.

2) seems easier to do, but ideally, i should do both.

What do you think about it.


Sven Luther

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