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Re: %20Possible licensing problem of otherslibs/num

On Sun, Dec 07, 2003 at 07:24:26PM +0100, Serge Leblanc wrote:
> Is the problem of licence of the library BigNum solved?


I removed bignum from the ocaml package, there is no licencing problem.
That said, there is no bignum package anymore too, and certain persons
miss it.

There are two solutions that only need a bit of time from my part to be
implemented :

  o a non-free package with the old bignum stuff. Not sure the licence
    is liberal enough to go into non-free though.

  o an experimental package with the new bignum out of CVS. This should
    be ok, altough Xavier, being conservative and all, asked me not to
    put this in the standard package.

The licencing issues could also be solved by Bdale Garbee, but it is lot
of work to search for the lost licencing information in the paperwork,
and i fear that nobody at HP is willing to go trough it.

Anyway, by the time 3.08 is released, this would be solved, as 3.08 will
include the new bignum.


Sven Luther

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