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ocaml-nums ready and uploaded, we have bignum support again.


I have finally found time to make a separate package of the new
nat/bignum implementation, and uploaded it today, but as always, it will
be in the NEW queue for some time.

The package is called ocaml-nums (after the dllnums.so name), and
produces two packages called libnums-ocaml and libnums-ocaml-dev.

One thing important to notice to everyone that will build packages
dependent on this, is that i ask you to use these not directly as
dependencies, but use :

  libnums-ocaml | ocaml-base (>= 3.08)
  libnums-ocaml-dev | ocaml (>= 3.08)

Since ocaml 3.08 will see the dissaparition of this package, and its
reintegration into the ocaml package, and i don't want to be saddled
with a provide forever.

Ok, the packages needs ocaml 3.07.2a-2 to build (uploaded, so should be
ready tomorrow in the archive) which provide the config/Makefile, and
the needed variables in it to build both the old and the new nat/bignums

Alternatively, the package can be found also in :

  deb http://people.debian.org/~luther/ocaml .

or directly from http://people.debian.org/~luther/ocaml.

And naturally all of this is already in the subversion repository on
alioth. you will find it in packages/ocaml/ocaml-nums.

If i have time (or someone else feels like it), i will also provide the
non-free version as a separate package providing libnums-ocaml, but i am
not entirely sure it can go into non-free even. It would be nice for
comparisons though between the old and the new code. The new code should
be 50% faster on SSE2 enabled CPUs and on powerpc ones (not sure if only
altivec supporting or not). I am sure that if someone feels like it,
other vector engines support could be added for other kind of cpus.


Sven Luther

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