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Bug#218310: bibtex2html: doesn't properly quote '&'

Vendredi le 05 décembre 2003, vers 00:50:23 (CET), Ralf Treinen a

> - the & inside the anchor <a href=...> should *not* be escaped 
> - the & in the text to be displayed (<a>...</a>) *should be* escaped.

According to


*all* &'s should be escaped.

> The most confusing thing is that, in both the current version of 
> bibtex2html as in the correction that I proposed above, it works
> fine in galeon for me.

It works fine with Mozilla Firebird and Lynx too. I think that the
error is so common that most browsers try to workaround it. The
workaround is ok as long as you don't have something like
"...&amp=..." (or another html entity) in the url.


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