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Re: Fwd: Cryptokit port to Numerix

On Tue, Dec 16, 2003 at 10:09:27AM +0100, Sven Luther wrote:
> > Fabio suggested that I contact you for help with packaging the Numerix and 
> > Cryptokit OCaml libraries.  (He and Peter are packaging the SKS OpenPGP 

IIRC, Sylvain Le Gall (subscribed to this list) had already done some
work on cryptokit even if he didn't (erroneously) filled an ITP for it.
I think you can get in touch with him to share the efforts.

> > Preliminary numerix and cryptokit source packages are on http://
> > www-static.sane.net/.  I originally cribbed debian/rules, etc. from extlib, 
> > but am now rewriting them based on your pcre-ocaml source package.
> > (It seems 
> Well, it is more Stefano's package, but it is true that we currently
> co-maintain it. Also, there is the ocaml-pkg or whatever alioth project,

No, both extlib and pcre-ocaml are still maintained by me and not

Regarding sponsorship I can't currently review your packages in order to
upload them because I'm already busy with my packages and two more
sponsored people. Still I'm confident that someone else on this mailing
list will be willing to sponsor and/or advocate you.

Are you also interested in becoming an official DD?

Thanks for your work.

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