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What about DDTSS do you (dis)like?

As threatened, I've started building a django project which aims
integrate the DDTSS more closely with the rest of the system. Other
than performance it should improve maintainability. Since the new
system will use a real database with a real schema, it becomes easier
to do certain things. But also because it doesn't use the email
interface it has more possibilities and some of the current features
are no longer relevant. Here is a list of things that will needed
changing. I've you have any comments, suggestions, etc please respond.
If there are features people want/need, now is the time to make say it
(I don't promise to build every suggested feature).

1. The whole "pending translation" becomes irrelevant, since we can
peek directly in the database. Instead I was thinking of always
showing 10 descriptions, but allowing people to filter by
distribution, tags, priority, popcon, etc. This seems like an
uncontroversial improvement to me.

2. Similarly, the "recently translated" becomes irrelevant, because we
can poke it directly into the DB. However, I can imagine people would
want to keep this. It contains submitted and reviewer information and
timestamps. Do people have thoughts about what info they'd like to see
here? Are the logs sufficient?

3. The wordlist can be properly integrated. With an interface to
add/remove words. A bit trickier since you don't necessarily want
everyone to be able to do this. Which leads to the following:

4. User management. The current system had it bolted on but here is an
opportunity to expand the possibilities. You can make access rights to
submit/review changes/wordlists/translations, etc. This would
naturally lead to "language managers" for controlling rules for a
particular language. And superusers, for adding languages.
Deleting/banning users, etc. What I'd like is some concrete proposals
about would people would like to be able to do/configure. Or does
everyone like it just the way it is?

5. I wasn't thinking of altering the translation process itself. It
has I think evolved to the point where it works well and I don't want
to make major changes here. But perhaps tweaks can be accommodated.

6. It's actually trivial to extend this to the whole DDTP website. You
can get the current website as a drop-in replacement, except with
templates for the HTML. This may be interesting for people who would
like to restyle the website but don't feel like digging through the
perl code to do it.

I am currently working in a local git repository but if people are
interested I can post the code somewhere. The idea is anyone can check
it out and with a few commands have an installation running locally.

So, fire away!
Martijn van Oosterhout <kleptog@gmail.com> http://svana.org/kleptog/

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