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Re: What about DDTSS do you (dis)like?

On Thursday 09 June 2011, at 08:44 +0200, You wrote:

Hi all!

> 2. Similarly, the "recently translated" becomes irrelevant, because we
> can poke it directly into the DB. However, I can imagine people would
> want to keep this. It contains submitted and reviewer information and
> timestamps. Do people have thoughts about what info they'd like to see
> here? Are the logs sufficient?

Yes, I would like to see this info still. Those of us who pretty much
work a bit each day on the DDTSS have a "mental image" of what is
happening. If suddenly I saw a bunch of translated descriptions that I
never saw in the pending review or that I never reviewed I would go
check if they were spam, for instance.

Also when we have different packages in the process of translation which
share a paragraph, we might wait for the consensus on one translation
and when that passes the review all other paragraphs get a uniform

> 4. User management. The current system had it bolted on but here is an
> opportunity to expand the possibilities. You can make access rights to
> submit/review changes/wordlists/translations, etc. This would
> naturally lead to "language managers" for controlling rules for a
> particular language. And superusers, for adding languages.
> Deleting/banning users, etc. What I'd like is some concrete proposals
> about would people would like to be able to do/configure. Or does
> everyone like it just the way it is?

I surely wouldn't like to see a mandatory approval of all translations by
one "cohordinator/manager" for all languages (one for each of course).

When we don't agree on a translation we usually do a "democratic vote"
either by email or in the comment field..... I don't suppose a "vote"
feature could be added to the interface (?) *g*

> So, fire away!

It's not a fundamental issue but anyway. There is a team-message system
in the DDTSS. I have never been able to figure out how/if it works. I
have never had a message for my team show up, I wouldn't know how to
send a message to the whole team.

I think that would be a very useful feature to discuss a particular
translation, to reach a decision over a particular technical term and so
on and so forth.

I really appreciate all the work that is going on around DDTSS, thanks.


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