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Re: translation spam

On Wednesday 08 June 2011, at 21:36 +0200, Erik Esterer wrote:

Hi all!

> I don't think it's that easy. Sometimes there are language specific
> links (English Wikipedia, English Guidelines) and the German team
> changes those links to the German equivalent (German Wikipedia,
> translated Guidelines...).

In the descriptions of the DDTP?

I understand that might happen in the wiki; we definitely do that for
Italian pages too -Wikipedia and so on-, but for the DDTP I don't
rememeber ever seeing any URL that needed translation, no Wikipedia or
guideline references, only URL to the project website.

and 'apt-cache search "http://"; | grep wikipedia' seems to agree.

I think the solution proposed by Davide would be quite useful for
detecting spam _in the DDTP_.

Whether or not a login account should be forced is another issue; but I
think that this spam problem might have a simpler solution.


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