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Re: What about DDTSS do you (dis)like?

Thank you for your support DDTSS!

Martijn van Oosterhout-2 wrote:
> 1. The whole "pending translation" becomes irrelevant, since we can
> peek directly in the database. Instead I was thinking of always
> showing 10 descriptions, but allowing people to filter by
> distribution, tags, priority, popcon, etc. This seems like an
> uncontroversial improvement to me.
I use "pending translation" in several ways:
1) I learned about an interesting package somewhere on the Internet or from
the current update Debian or etc - and I think that this package should
translate but is not now.
2) I began translating the package but realized that I can't now deal with
specific topics  or description was too large and complex.

For the first case it would be good to have personal "pending translation"
(and, probably, the current general "pending translation").
For the second case, will help "fuzzy" translations - incomplete translation
can be completed their own or it may take another translator.

Martijn van Oosterhout-2 wrote:
> 2. Similarly, the "recently translated" becomes irrelevant, because we
> can poke it directly into the DB. However, I can imagine people would
> want to keep this. It contains submitted and reviewer information and
> timestamps. Do people have thoughts about what info they'd like to see
> here? Are the logs sufficient?
Ability to know what and who translated recently - very interesting. 
I would also be able to have the latest translated packages via RSS / Atom -
it would be kind of localized DEBaDay's.

Martijn van Oosterhout-2 wrote:
> 3. The wordlist can be properly integrated. With an interface to
> add/remove words. A bit trickier since you don't necessarily want
> everyone to be able to do this.
Language coordinator could provide such privileges to some users.

Another question. I try to translate new packages from Sid upgrades. But not
all packages get here. It takes some time before the package becomes
available in DDTSS - is it possible to reduce this delay?

With best regards,
 Serhij Dubyk, Ukraine
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