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[Resolved] Correct import path of golang-github-oklog-ulid and some other packages Re: [RFC] shirou/gopsutils v2 to v3 migration Bug#1000240: ITP: golang-github-mhilton-openid -- openid OP endpoint implementation Bug#1000241: ITP: golang-gopkg-goose.v1 -- Go bindings for talking to OpenStack Bug#1000280: ITP: golang-github-mendersoftware-go-lib-micro -- Group of golang packages for developing microservices. Bug#1000282: ITP: golang-github-creack-goselect -- select(2) implementation in Go Bug#1000284: ITP: golang-github-ant0ine-go-json-rest -- A quick and easy way to setup a RESTful JSON API Bug#1000285: ITP: golang-github-albenik-go-serial -- A cross-platform serial library for go-lang Bug#1000294: ITP: golang-github-juju-simplekv -- Naive key-value store with multiple backends Bug#1000323: ITP: golang-github-juju-aclstore -- Simple persistent store for ACLs, with HTTP API Bug#1000415: ITP: golang-github-tklauser-go-sysconf -- sysconf for Go, without using cgo Bug#1000416: ITP: golang-github-tklauser-numcpus -- Go module to get the number of CPUs on a Linux/BSD system Bug#1000484: ITP: golang-github-dave-jennifer -- code generator for Go Bug#1000487: ITP: golang-github-andreykaipov-goobs -- control OBS Studio via WebSockets (Go library) Bug#1000489: ITP: obs-cli -- command-line remote control for OBS Studio Bug#1000604: ITP: golang-github-digitalocean-go-libvirt -- Pure Go interface for interacting with libvirt Re: Bug#947480: ITP: golang-github-andybalholm-brotli -- Pure Go Brotli encoder and decoder Bug#998254: ITP: golang-github-soundcloud-go-runit -- go library wrapping runit service status Bug#998257: ITP: golang-github-josharian-native -- Easy to use native encoding/binary.ByteOrder Bug#998260: ITP: golang-github-beevik-ntp -- a simple ntp client package for go Bug#998299: ITP: golang-github-juju-clock -- Clock definition and testing clock Bug#998300: ITP: golang-github-juju-mutex -- Provides a named machine level mutex shareable between processes Bug#998301: ITP: golang-github-juju-cmd -- A command line implementation framework Bug#998320: ITP: golang-github-mattn-go-xmlrpc -- XML-RPC interface for Go Bug#998474: ITP: golang-github-djherbis-atime -- file access times (atime) for #golang Bug#998647: ITP: golang-github-protonmail-go-crypto -- Go supplementary cryptography libraries Bug#998652: ITP: golang-github-juju-collections -- Deque and set implementations Bug#998669: ITP: golang-github-juju-schema -- coerce dynamically typed data structures into known forms Bug#998670: ITP: golang-gopkg-juju-environschema.v1 -- schema descriptions for Juju environment configurations Bug#998673: ITP: golang-github-digitalocean-go-smbios -- Detection and access to SMBIOS and DMI data and structures Bug#998692: ITP: golang-github-mdlayher-netx -- A collection of small Go networking packages Bug#998709: Subject: ITP: golang-gopkg-macaroon-bakery.v2 -- High level operations for building systems with macaroons Bug#998710: Subject: ITP: golang-gopkg-macaroon.v2 -- Native Go implementation of macaroons Bug#998711: ITP: golang-github-juju-webbrowser -- Go helpers for interacting with Web browsers Bug#998714: ITP: golang-github-go-macaroon-bakery-macaroonpb -- Protobuf encoding used by macaroon-bakery Bug#998742: ITP: golang-github-flosch-pongo2.v4 -- Django-syntax like template-engine for Go Bug#998752: ITP: golang-github-canonical-candid -- Identity Manager Service Bug#998759: ITP: golang-github-duo-labs-webauthn -- WebAuthn (FIDO2) server library Bug#998760: ITP: golang-github-fxamacker-cbor -- CBOR codec implementing RFCs 7049 & 8949 Bug#998761: ITP: golang-github-x448-float16 -- IEEE 754 half-precision format with correct conversions to/from float32 Bug#998798: ITP: golang-github-juju-usso -- Ubuntu single sign-on library Bug#998876: ITP: golang-github-go-git-go-billy -- The missing interface filesystem abstraction for Go Bug#998878: ITP: golang-github-go-git-go-git-fixtures -- Several git fixtures to run go-git tests Bug#998884: ITP: golang-github-go-git-go-git -- highly extensible Git implementation in pure Go Bug#999343: ITP: golang-github-dgryski-go-minhash -- BottomK minwise hashing for streaming set similarity Bug#999344: ITP: golang-github-ekzhu-minhash-lsh -- Minhash LSH in Golang Bug#999346: ITP: golang-github-hhatto-gorst -- Go implementation of reStructuredText Bug#999371: ITP: golang-github-hhatto-gorst -- Go implementation of reStructuredText Bug#999407: ITP: golang-github-go-enry-go-license-detector -- Reliable project licenses detector Bug#999466: ITP: golang-github-golang-jwt-jwt -- golang implementation of JSON Web Tokens Bug#999478: ITP: golang-opentelemetry-otel -- OpenTelemetry Go API and SDK Bug#999571: ITP: golang-github-dennwc-varint -- fast varint library for Go Correct import path of golang-github-oklog-ulid and some other packages Re: Help for packaging shfmt Help getting golang-github-mazznoer-csscolorparser fixed ITP: golang-github-mazznoer-csscolorparser -- Go (Golang) CSS color parser library Joining the Debian Go Packaging Team Plan for backporting golang to bullseye Request to join Debian Go Team RFS for golang-github-creack-goselect and golang-github-albenik-go-serial, wl2k and pat dependencies RFS: caddy (was Re: Current state of packaging Caddy) The last update was on 19:20 GMT Thu Nov 25. 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