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Re: Help for packaging shfmt

Hi Nilesh!

Nilesh Patra <nilesh@debian.org>,
17/11/2021 – 01:49:49 (+0530):

> I hope you do not mind me responding instead of Alois.
> Since ratt is happy, I sponsored you an upload to unstable.

Thank you for that.

> Gentle note: When doing uploads in a team maintained package that you
> are a part of, the changelog entry should be "Team Upload" instead of
> "Non-maintainer upload" also, the version scheming for NMU is
> different than a simple increment in versions, you could find more
> details in the debian developers reference.


> I'd go ahead an check the code, and probably the log says something
> more than you pasted here. Can you push shfmt somewhere? Otherwise it
> becomes difficult to check.

Of course! Sorry for that, asking help without showing the code is a bit
odd... I have just pushed on salsa [1].

> Yeah, so this is a problem at our end rather than upstream.
> N number of possibilities, differing versions, something with the test execution,
> build environment, compiler versions, so on. If you could push, we can go from there.

Thanks again for your help.

Reminder (as new version of golang-github-google-renameio-dev did not
hit unstable so far):
| gbp clone git@salsa.debian.org:go-team/packages/golang-github-google-renameio.git
| cd golang-github-google-renameio && gbp buildpackage
| cd .. && gbp clone git@salsa.debian.org:go-team/packages/shfmt.git
| cd shfmt && gbp buildpackage --extra-package=../golang-github-google-renameio-dev_2.0.0-1_all.deb


[1]: https://salsa.debian.org/go-team/packages/shfmt


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