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Re: Help for packaging shfmt

I am making progress in building shfmt.

@Aloïs, as discussed on IRC, I have informed Anthony about [1].
Could you please take a moment to sponsor the upload if everything looks
good to you? Ratt did not complain.

I am now able to build shfmt with all the dependencies, using (and
| gbp buildpackage --git-ignore-new --extra-package=../golang-github-google-renameio-dev_2.0.0-1_all.deb

But there is a test that does not pass and I am a bit stuck (surely
because I don't understand how `go test` works :)).
| --- PASS: ExampleDebugPrint (0.00s)
| FAIL	mvdan.cc/sh/syntax	1.445s
| dh_auto_test: error: cd _build && go test -vet=off -v -p 3 mvdan.cc/sh/cmd/gosh mvdan.cc/sh/cmd/shfmt mvdan.cc/sh/expand mvdan.cc/sh/fileutil mvdan.cc/sh/interp mvdan.cc/sh/pattern mvdan.cc/sh/shell mvdan.cc/sh/syntax returned exit code 1
| make: *** [debian/rules:4: binary] Error 25
| dpkg-buildpackage: error: debian/rules binary subprocess returned exit status 2
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
| Build finished at 2021-11-16T11:24:56Z

How would you debug such problem?

If I run the following, it works (but obviously, there is a v3 that I do
not understand...):
| ❯ cd syntax && go test
| ok  	mvdan.cc/sh/v3/syntax	1.345s

Thanks again for your help.


[1]: https://salsa.debian.org/go-team/packages/golang-github-google-renameio/-/commit/d196e5942efa88cd27f14e21fd7e753e71c425b2


NB @Aloïs: the "rocket" builder is almost ready, I will ping you on IRC
when we can launch CI tests.

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