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Re: exim brocken in test debian-edu-squeeze?

On Sat, Feb 19, 2011 at 12:33:33PM +0100, Andreas Schockenhoff wrote:

On Sat, 2011-02-19 at 12:21 +0100, Andreas B. Mundt wrote:
> But exim seems to be broken no mail delivery to root.

Right. Hmm. Permissins on /root seem not to allow the transport of
mail to root's mbox. Where is root's mail usually being delivered to?
Perhaps we have to change that location if we want to keep the
restrictive permissions.
exim I have figured out like to deliver mail to /var/mail/mail instead of
root on other systems. Also if root stands in /etc/alias. No idea
why exim do this or if this is our problem.

Last I noticed it discussed, mail was *not* a part of Skolelinux. As a deliberate choice.

Admitted, it is a looong time ago I recall this being discussed, and I might very well simply not have paid attention in later discussion on that same issue.

 - Jonas

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