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DVD works again: please test, report and contribute to debian-edu-squeeze

Hi all,

I am happy to report that the latest test-DVD of our forthcoming
debian-edu-squeeze release is ready for testing. It includes Kerberos
user (and mail) authorization, GOsa as LDAP admin tool and bind as
DNS. The home directory is distributed via NFSv4.

You can rsync your DVD with:  

rsync -avzP ftp.skolelinux.org::cd-squeeze-test-dvd/debian-edu-amd64-i386-DVD-1.iso debian-edu-DVD-1-squeeze.iso

It's the first time that all these components work together in our
setup, so don't expect a perfect system yet. However, please test and
report issues, in order to make polishing the setup easier. 

To work around the (yet) missing netgroup support, modify /etc/exports
to allow all hosts (replace @<netgroup> by a *) if you need home
directories mounted.

If all goes well, we hopefully can prepare a release candidate soon,
perhaps with netgroup support and Kerberos NFSv4. 

Happy testing,


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