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Re: DVD works again: please test, report and contribute to debian-edu-squeeze

Hi Andreas,

On Wed, 2011-02-16 at 23:10 +0100, Andreas B. Mundt wrote: 
> I am happy to report that the latest test-DVD of our forthcoming
> debian-edu-squeeze release is ready for testing. It includes Kerberos
> user (and mail) authorization, GOsa as LDAP admin tool and bind as
> DNS. The home directory is distributed via NFSv4.
> You can rsync your DVD with:  
> rsync -avzP ftp.skolelinux.org::cd-squeeze-test-dvd/debian-edu-amd64-i386-DVD-1.iso debian-edu-DVD-1-squeeze.iso

> It's the first time that all these components work together in our
> setup, so don't expect a perfect system yet. However, please test and
> report issues, in order to make polishing the setup easier. 
I have installed a tjener, workstation ... (in virtual-box environment)

I can log in as root get the web page log into gosa as admin. There I
stops because only a menu for this user occurs. I can not add
workstations or user.
GOSA Error message:
Cannot find a suitable password method for the current hash! 

This message come up after installing tjener or combi-server:
error: Unable to calculate size of partition for /var/spool/squid,
error: ./dnsd: Unable to look up '' on server
'localhost' ('' != 'ltspserver')., error: ./dnsd: Unable to look up
'' on server 'localhost' ('ldap.intern, error: ./filesystems:
Using ext2 on /boot, error: ./filesystems: No lost+found
in /skole/tjener/home0/. Blocked by autofs?, error: ./nagios: Nagios
count NUMSVCCRIT is not zero but 1., error: ./network: 

Consider reporting them to the Debian Edu developers.

I get the message on workstation and combi-server that Cerberus has

A stand alone terminal server has problems in the partition tools: "To
many primary partitions" Combi server seams to install. 

So please tell us what we should test first to help you. 

I think tjener with normal workstations may be the first target. Or 
the combi server? Also the gosa menus? What is important?

I do not like to file bugs in this stage of testing any better ideas?

thanks for your work and happy hacking 


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