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Re: DVD works again: please test, report and contribute to debian-edu-squeeze


first, thanks for starting the tests!

On Fri, Feb 18, 2011 at 10:00:55AM +0100, Andreas Schockenhoff wrote:
> On Wed, 2011-02-16 at 23:10 +0100, Andreas B. Mundt wrote: 
> > I am happy to report that the latest test-DVD of our forthcoming
> > debian-edu-squeeze release is ready for testing. It includes Kerberos
> > user (and mail) authorization, GOsa as LDAP admin tool and bind as
> > DNS. The home directory is distributed via NFSv4.


> I can log in as root get the web page log into gosa as admin. There I
> stops because only a menu for this user occurs. I can not add
> workstations or user.
> GOSA Error message:
> Cannot find a suitable password method for the current hash! 

IIRC someone already replied: use 'super-admin' and the root password. I
plan to add a 'admin' account with slightly limited permissions (only
user/group and machine management and less confusing options i.e. no
sudo-stuff etc).  
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> This message come up after installing tjener or combi-server:
> error: Unable to calculate size of partition for /var/spool/squid,
> error: ./dnsd: Unable to look up '' on server
> 'localhost' ('' != 'ltspserver')., error: ./dnsd: Unable to look up
> '' on server 'localhost' ('ldap.intern, error: ./filesystems:
> Using ext2 on /boot, error: ./filesystems: No lost+found
> in /skole/tjener/home0/. Blocked by autofs?, error: ./nagios: Nagios
> count NUMSVCCRIT is not zero but 1., error: ./network: 
> Consider reporting them to the Debian Edu developers.
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Right, I also got some error reports. We have to check the origin, no
idea yet.
> I get the message on workstation and combi-server that Cerberus has
> expired.

Correct. If you lock in as (local) root, you don't use
Kerberos. However, you can fetch a ticket by entering 'kinit' after login. 
> A stand alone terminal server has problems in the partition tools: "To
> many primary partitions" Combi server seams to install. 
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> So please tell us what we should test first to help you. 
> I think tjener with normal workstations may be the first target. Or 
> the combi server? Also the gosa menus? What is important?

I installed a combined server and a workstation. I can start a
diskless machine and log in. The hostname is like the one I set in

If I start the workstation, there is no way to log in, the hostname is
not set and other stuff fails too. So this is an issue.

I plan the following:

1) It would be great if someone can have a look at the DNS and DHCP
   setup. (Related is the SRV-record/A-record problem:

2) Then of course we have to find the reasons for the error messages
   after installation. (If still there).

3) Polishing GOsa

4) Try to get NFSv4 with Kerberos work on diskless clients.
> I do not like to file bugs in this stage of testing any better ideas?
I think for now reporting 'unknown' failures to the list is
enough. The bug reporting causes too much overhead at this early

Best regards,


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