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Accepted dpkg 1.14.6 (source i386 all) Accepted dpkg 1.14.7~newshlib.1 (source i386 all) Accepted dpkg 1.14.7~newshlib (source i386 all) Re: Bug#439979: reversed patches dpkg_1.14.6_alpha.changes ACCEPTED dpkg_1.14.6_amd64.changes ACCEPTED dpkg_1.14.6_ia64.changes ACCEPTED dpkg_1.14.6_m68k.changes ACCEPTED dpkg 1.14.6 MIGRATED to testing dpkg_1.14.6_mips.changes ACCEPTED dpkg_1.14.6_mipsel.changes ACCEPTED dpkg_1.14.6_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED dpkg_1.14.6_s390.changes ACCEPTED dpkg_1.14.6_sparc.changes ACCEPTED Re: dpkg flex-based status file parser, for 35% speedup Manual pages and POD format Next upload 2007-09-30 (dpkg 1.14.7) please see Bug#440394 (Re: xmlXPathContextSetCache) Re: Preliminary patches to remove dpkg-cross diversions Re: Protect directory/file ? [RFC] dpkg-buildpackage: Convert from Shell to Perl Re: [SCM] dpkg's main repository branch, master, updated. f4d3e5971e7095865f6a41c2cbabf63ac818bce8 Re: start-stop-daemon can't stop process #TAG# Second job is a part time job for you! [Incident: 070910-000036] Ubuntu dpkg 1.14.5ubuntu13 Ubuntu dpkg 1.14.5ubuntu14 Ubuntu dpkg 1.14.5ubuntu15 Ubuntu dpkg 1.14.5ubuntu16 unable to build package UNable to configure my package Unidentified subject! Updating the PO files Re: xmlXPathContextSetCache The last update was on 14:24 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 49 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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