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Re: Accepted dpkg 1.14.7~newshlib (source i386 all)

Raphael Hertzog writes ("Accepted dpkg 1.14.7~newshlib (source i386
> [stuff]

I'm very pleased to see all of this work being done on the Perl
scripts - I'm hoping for big compatibility improvements from Raphael's
shared library management changes.

But I did want to comment on this:
>    * After '<prerm> remove' fails and while doing the error unwinding, if
>      the '<postinst> abort-remove' call succeeds, preserve the old status
>      instead of unconditionally setting it to 'Installed'. Closes: #432893
>      Thanks to Brian M. Carlson.

I don't think this change is correct.  If the documentation wasn't
clear then it should have been clarified.

If the  <postinst> abort-remove  is executed and completes
successfully, the package should be regarded as installed.

NB that this can only happen if the package was previously at least
unpacked.  The way that a package is moved from unpacked or
failed-config to installed is by running the postinst.  That the
postinst is informed of the specific circumstances - aborted removal -
doesn't mean that it shouldn't do its job.


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