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Bug#629251: marked as done (release-notes: document that suidperl is no longer available in wheezy) Bug#630923: marked as done (refcard: change build options to get rid of build problems for de, it and ro) Bug#630924: marked as done (refcard: error (missing word) in english version) Bug#647062: marked as done (debian-refcard: Debian Reference Card URL down) Bug#649240: Upcoming upgrade issues with GNU Screen for Wheezy Bug#649413: marked as done (Please add xz to the (de)compressing tools section) Bug#666186: marked as done (i386 Linux kernel flavour change in wheezy) Bug#666622: marked as done (refcard: FTBFS: /usr/share/texlive/texmf-dist/tex/xelatex/xunicode/xunicode.sty:852: I can't find file `t3enc.def'.) Bug#668317: marked as done (debian-refcard: Swedish translation "stig" should be "sökväg") Bug#668668: marked as done (Add upgrade pointers for Request Tracker) Bug#669725: marked as done (release-notes: Please document bootlogd changes for wheezy) Bug#669725: release-notes: Please document bootlogd changes for wheezy Bug#669726: release-notes: Please document tmpfs filesystem changes for wheezy Bug#680476: release-notes: Note for SASL systems upgraded from Squeeze to Wheezy Bug#681359: refcard: wrong (old) version number in pdfs Bug#681492: refcard: no license info at mentioned URL Bug#683424: release-notes: new in wheezy: multi-arch Bug#683425: release-notes: new in wheezy: armhf Bug#683426: release-notes: new in wheezy: s390x Bug#683427: release-notes: new in wheezy: gnome 3 Bug#683428: release-notes: security status of web browsers in wheezy Bug#683433: marked as done (release-notes: new in wheezy: software speech in the installer) Bug#683433: release-notes: new in wheezy: software speech in the installer Debian install 6.05 Indonesian translation of Debian GNU/Linux Reference Card Processed: tagging 649240 Processed: tagging 683433 Processing of refcard_5.0.8_amd64.changes r9238 - /man-cgi/extractor/ r9239 - /man-cgi/man.cgi r9240 - /man-cgi/extractor/ r9241 - /man-cgi/README.txt r9242 - /man-cgi/man.cgi r9243 - /man-cgi/man.cgi r9244 - /man-cgi/man.cgi r9245 - /man-cgi/man.cgi r9246 - /man-cgi/man.cgi r9247 - /man-cgi/man.cgi r9248 - /man-cgi/extractor/ r9249 - /man-cgi/man.cgi r9250 - /man-cgi/conf/htaccess r9251 - /man-cgi/man.cgi r9252 - /man-cgi/man.cgi r9253 - /man-cgi/man.cgi Rahasia Belajar Efektif dan Sukses Les Privat refcard_5.0.8_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable wheezy release notes Re: Who maintains The last update was on 07:38 GMT Mon Jun 17. There are 65 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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