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Debian install 6.05

Sorry if this is in the wrong place! It's even hard to find the right place.

I downloaded Debian (first time, experienced Windows user, experienced user....).

Got to the 'language selection' and ... no keyboard input. Well it's a USB, so I'll just try a legacy (read "OLD!") keyboard.

Whoops, my spare box is so advanced, it doesn't have a PS2 anymore.

No problem..., I'll enable legacy in my Dell GX620.

Whoops, that won't work of course. There's no PS2 PORT dummy - only USB!

So.. I'll try the 'graphical install option'. That must surely work. But then there's the 'language screen again'. Argghhh....

My thought at that point (not criticism, because I'm all FOR free and open software) was: "is this Debian in 2012????!"

The same Debian I tried and flagged away many years ago for many other reasons?

I've now installed MINT, so I can try Kexi - my final goal.

I Linux on....

Maybe I'll have success at some point in this new century :-)

Frank Fontein
New Zealand

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