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Bug#669726: release-notes: Please document tmpfs filesystem changes for wheezy

On Sat, Apr 21, 2012 at 13:17:14 +0100, Roger Leigh wrote:

> Package: release-notes
> Severity: normal
> Tags: patch
> Proposed text:
> Changes to the configuration and defaults of tmpfs filesystems
> In previous releases, tmpfs filesystems were mounted on /lib/init/rw,
> /dev/shm and optionally on /var/lock and /var/run.  /lib/init/rw has
> been removed, and the others have been moved under /run.  /var/run and
> /var/lock were configured using RAMRUN and RAMLOCK in
> /etc/default/rcS.  All tmpfs filesystems are now configurable using
> /etc/default/tmpfs; the old settings are not migrated automatically.
>                             Old setting       New setting
> Old location  New location  /etc/default/rcS  /etc/default/tmpfs
> /lib/init/rw  /run          N/A               N/A
> /var/run      /run          RAMRUN            N/A
> /var/lock     /run/lock     RAMLOCK           RAMLOCK
> /dev/shm      /run/shm      N/A               RAMSHM
> N/A           /tmp          N/A               RAMTMP
> The migration of data to the new locations will occur automatically
> during the upgrade and will continue to be available at the old and
> new locations, with the exception of /lib/init/rw.  No action is
> required on your part, though you may wish to customise which tmpfs
> filesystems are mounted, and their size limits, in /etc/default/tmpfs
> after the upgrade is complete.  Please see the tmpfs(5) manual page
> for further details.
> If you have written any custom scripts which make use of /lib/init/rw,
> these must be updated to use /run instead.
> /tmp is now a tmpfs by default.  While this should not affect your use
> of the system in any noticeable way, please note that
> - the contents of /tmp are not preserved across reboots;
> - /var/tmp exists for this purpose
> - the maximum size of /tmp may (depending upon your specific system)
>   be smaller than before.  If you find that there is insufficient
>   free space, it is possible to increase the size limits; see
>   tmpfs(5).
> - applications which create excessively large files in /tmp may cause
>   /tmp to run out of free space.  Such applications should not be
>   using /tmp, and require fixing.  Please consider filing a bug report
>   against the application in question if you experience such an
>   occurrence.
Hi Roger,

can you please provide updated text for the latest changes in
sysvinit/initscripts?  There should probably also be some note about the
mandatory parallel boot changes, would you mind filing a separate bug
for that part?


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